Stop Rash. Surf Longer.

Australia’s best anti-chafe balm for surfers by surfers, never rash again.

Have you ever had a surf trip ruined by rash?

From trips to Indonesia to doing laps on the points here on the Gold Coast, we have put up with rashes for too long!

The only options to prevent it were to use petroleum based jellies that are harmful to your skin and no good for the sea, and not surfing wasn’t an option, even with bleeding thighs.

So we decided to solve it our self.

Our pre-surf jelly and post-surf repair cream has been designed by surfers for surfers, with skin health and the ocean in mind.

Stop Rash. Surf longer. 

Tested in the

Surf Soothe is tested in the surf. From the sand bottom points of the Gold Coast to the cold reefs of Torquay, It works.

Natural Ingredients

All of our products are made with natural ingredients so your can be guaranteed your skin is safe.

Made in Australia

Quality, impact on the environment and helping fellow Australians is a great thing for us.

By surfers,
for surfers

We surf a lot. We know what a rash can do to a surf trip. This is why we created Surf Soothe.

"I just apply a little after every surf and I noticed a difference straight away. Super stoked and will be coming back for more"
- South Coast Kook

Pre-surf Balm

Stop rash before it becomes a problem.

The pre-surf balm creates a layer that stays on your skin in the water for a whole session. This layer provides the lubrcation needed to stop rash forming in rash prone areas like under your arms, the wetsuit neck area and even the important family jewels.

Made in Australia from all natural ingredients, you will never have a surf rash again.

After Surf Cream

Repair your skin from the damages of rash, sun and wind.

After a long surf, dry and damaged skin can be uncomfortable. It can even lead to cracking or rashes that can stop you from walking around in your board shorts let alone getting in for the arvo session!

Our after surf cream as been designed to soothe and heal your skin fast so you can spend more time in the water without feeling like your skin is cooked! 

From rashes to sunburn and even wind chapped lips put this on and get back out there for the arvo session!