On a mission to surf longer.

We f*cking froth on surfing here at Surf Soothe, and if there is anything we can do to surf more we are all in!

After surf guiding in Sumatra, living on the Gold Coast and dealing with 4mm wetsuits with hoods and booties in Torquay, we noticed alot of surfers have a problem with rash and it would cut their surfs sessions, or even worse, their once a year surf trip short!

We used to combat this with rash-vests and petroleum based jellies like Vaseline, but the rash vest didn’t always cut it and we didn’t like the idea of putting petrol based products on our skin! 

All Natural. All Australian.

So we set out to develop a cream that ticks all the boxes.

It must firstly stop us from getting rash! It needs to be similar to a petroleum jelly, providing lubrication in rash prone places like under your armpits or under your private bits but needs to be made with all Natural ingredients that don’t harm your skin. 

We also wanted to help people who already have surf rash (Hot tip: use our pre surf balm) by providing a healing cream that will not only soothe the rash, but promote faster healing and strengthening the skin for the next session. But thats not enough, we also wanted this cream to double as a soothing cream for after a 6 hour session in the water and your face is f*cking cooked! 

And we pulled it off! We are so stoked, and proud to be helping out our community!

Surf longer. Surf more.

We developed 2 products at Surf Soothe to solve this problem. All made with natural ingredients, right here on the Gold Coast;

  1. A before surf balm, a natural alternative to petroleum jelly, to apply before surfing to provide a protective lubricating layer to rash prone areas.
  1. An after surf cream to apply after surfing to alleviate and heal any chaffing, sunburn or any cooked part of your skin from to much time in the sun!

We want to make sure everyone surfs as much as they can.
Get your hands on some and go surfing! YEW!

"I just apply a little after every surf and I noticed a difference straight away. Super stoked and will be coming back for more"
- South Coast Kook