Our Team


Born in Victoria, now residing on the Gold Coast.

Alex is the ultimate frother. It’s not uncommon for Alex to spend over 7 hours in the water if the surf is good and to be honest, even when its not good he just won’t get out!

Rash under the arms was stopping him from surfing as long as wanted and he needed a solution.

Between Alex and Ben Surf Soothe was born and surfing all day without getting surf rash become possible! 

Alex probably surfed all day today…


A Kiwi living in Coolangatta, Queensland, Ben has been surfing for over 16 years and has had his fair share of surf rash!

Spending 2 seasons surf guiding in Sumatra he saw that almost every visitor got severe surf rash and it made it difficult to put in the hours in the water!

Stoked to finally have a solution to board short rash, you will see him around the points and back beaches of Coolangatta.

"I am so frothing to get this product out there! I can now surf for hours without any rash!"
- Ben